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SnowEx® Heavy-Duty Pusher Shovels

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Heavy-Duty Pusher Shovels

Make a profit off of every last inch of winter. Built from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the new SnowEx® heavy-duty pusher snow shovels have been commercially tested for performance and durability. Available in 30" and 36" pusher shovel blade widths and a wheeled pusher shovel with a 36" blade width, SnowEx shovels are lightweight and built to maximize efficiency—no matter where you need them.

Wheeled Pusher Shovel
Move Snow in Half the Time

Built to reduce fatigue and eliminate heavy lifting, the heavy-duty SnowEx wheeled pusher shovel features a powder coated steel u-shape handle and a bi-directional 36" blade, improving your ability to push through winter. Thanks to its angled blade with windrowing action, the wheeled pusher shovel moves snow 50% faster than traditional snow shovels with minimal effort.

Heavy-Duty Pusher Shovel
Innovative and Resilient

Constructed from durable, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and fiberglass, SnowEx pusher shovels are reinforced at the bracket and handle to ensure unstoppable performance. The nylon D-handle improves operator grip when shoveling sidewalks, entryways and driveways.


Heavy-Duty Pusher Shovels
Sale Type

Heavy-duty polyethylene blade Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Blade

Constructed from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for superior strength, wear resistance and snow turnover.

Reinforced construction (Pusher) Reinforced Construction

A fiberglass pole is securely fastened to the blade with a reinforced triangular base and heavy-duty support bracket for added strength against heavy snow.

Pusher Only

Reinforced construction (Wheeled Pusher) Reinforced Construction

A heavy-duty support bracket and handle are reinforced at the point of attachment to withstand even the harshest winter conditions.

Wheeled Pusher Only

Bi-Directional Blade Bi-Directional Blade

With the flip of the blade, the wheeled shovel features bi-directional blade movement for increased versatility on each pass. No tools required!

Wheeled Pusher Only

Wheels Wheels

6" wheels constructed of durable plastic and rubber allow for easier pushing and increased stability in winter conditions.

Wheeled Pusher Only