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Wright Grass Gobbler™

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Grass Collection

 Our grass collection accessories are built to stand up to hard use season after season. They're engineered to fit Wright mowers as well as other professional brands.

Origins of the Grass Gobbler

Before Bill Wright invented the first stand-on mower, the Stander, he invented and began manufacturing welded steel grass catchers that could withstand the rigors of commercial use.

Grass Gobbler™
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 With a simple all-steel construction, the Grass Gobbler has proven itself to be the most durable catcher ever made.
  • Designed for continuous airflow and high-density packing
  • Durable all steel construction
  • Available in small (2.0 cu. ft.), regular (3.3 cu. ft.) and jumbo (4.3 cu. ft.) capacities
  • Fits most professional brands

Use the chart below to find which Grass Gobbler is compatible with your mower.

Mower Gobbler
Exmark Viking, Metro, E, S, X series. GG450 / GGJ550
Gravely 2002 & later Pro G & H/Pro Turn, Pro Walk WRJ300-3
Deere 7-iron JD200-2 / JDJ300-3
Wright type Deere JDJ500-HD
Ransomes/Bobcat 94' & Later GG250 / GGJ350
Ransomes/Bobcat 01' & Later Floating Deck TE250 / TEJ350
Ransomes/Bobcat 01' & Fixed Deck GG450 / GGJ550
Scag SC200-2 / SCJ300-3
Scag Advantage SA200-2 / SAJ300-3
Scag Velocity SVJ300-3
Ferris, Snapper, Simplicity (iCD type deck) FS200-2/FSJ300-3
Toro Floating Dck 01' & Later & Turbo Force TOJ350
Wright Original WR200-2 / WRJ300-3
Wright AERO Core WRJ500-5
Leaf Gobbler fits all Jumbo LG1000